Ball Divider

It’s All About Sensation
When you want to truly heighten your awareness and the sensations that revolve around your most important package, Gear Essentials is ready to take you to the next level with our line of pleasure products. You might have already delved into the world of cock rings, ball weights, and ball stretchers, each designed to give you a tug when you need it the most. Adding weight allows your testicles to swing and draws attention to your prized possessions. Take it up a notch with a ball divider to really enhance your cock and testicles. You won’t believe what this accessory can do to give you a sensation that is out of this world.

Give Yourself Staying Power
When you’re with your partner in bed, or on the table, or stretched out on the living room floor, you want to make sure you’re going to be able to stand up to the test. Give yourself a boost in stamina and go the duration with the addition of a divider that uses a very simple design. All it involves is two straps. One goes at the base of your cock while the other hugs your shaft. The two straps are connected by another, separating your balls and applying pressure. Adjust your straps to give you the amount of tightness and pressure that works for you. You’ll find that your favorite body part will stay thicker and you’ll stay hard. Get it up and keep it up. You’ll have more pleasure for the both of you when you add a divider to your collection.

A Cock Ring and Divider Combined
Get more for your buck when you discover the difference a divider can make for you. It will give you the pleasure you get from having a cock ring hugging your penis, but the divider is a must for putting on the best show you have ever had in your life. When you’re ready to enhance your sex life or you just want to give your cock the attention it deserves, you need to check out the full lineup of products that are available at Gear Essentials. Explore your options and get ready to open up a new world of sensations with cock rings, ball weights, glans rings, dividers, and more. Gear Essentials is here to help you make the most out of what you already have.