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Not All Hot Cam Girls are Actually Hot

I wish I could tell you that all hot cam girls are what they appear to be. The sad reality is that Photoshop is one hell of a graphics editing tool. It doesn’t matter whether your butt looks like it has 10 pounds of cottage cheese or your face looks like it can double for a pizza, Photoshop can work miracles and you might be thinking, well, if I’m going to be chatting with a chick on cam, there’s no way she can hide her face. There’s no way she can hide all that fat in her belly.

You are absolutely correct. However, the moment you get on cam with her and this is especially true regarding private cam shows, you’re already hooked. You already spent money. You already got separated from your hard-earned dollars. Do you see where this is headed? Do you see why this is wrong? The reality is that as much as there are truly hot cam girls, there are also an army of cam girls that only look hot. I found some hot cam girls here:

What I mean by them looking hot is that their ads and their teaser materials feature them in the best light possible. This might not be their actual appearance when you are chatting with them and trying to get them to finger themselves, put on a show for you, wiggle their butts in front of the cam. Whatever it is that you’re trying to get them to do, you can see all of them. I’m talking about all their warts, wrinkles and other nasty features.

This is why it is a good idea to not get so caught up in the expectation that hot cam girls are actually hot. It would be a better approach for you to take if you just focus on the amount of electricity and the kind of attitude they bring to the table. The bottom line is that physical appeal can only extend so far. By focusing on the intangibles, you increase the likelihood that you will get the kind of show experience you came for.

How Do You Spot the Best Hot Cam Girls?

It’s easy to think that you have a clear idea of what makes for hot cam girls. I really can’t blame you for thinking that way because most guys look at women primarily in physical terms. They look at them in terms of how they look and how they appeal as far as sexual appeal goes. The problem is you’d be surprised as to the break and the disconnect between how a performer looks and how she actually gets the crowd excited.

You have to remember that cam girl shows involve a one-to-many dynamic. In other words, there’s one performer and there are many guys watching that performer. Whenever this kind of performance dynamics is in play, you’re no longer just looking at physical appearance. You’re no longer just looking at the physical assets of the performer. It has to go beyond that. You have to look at the personality.

I know that most guys think that the phrase, “she’s got a great personality” is a shorthand or code for she’s butt ugly. That may be true, but you cannot discount personality because personality will make or break the quality of the performance. Think of it this way, if a performer is not that attractive but has a tremendous personality. She will work doubly hard to get the crowd excited. The more excited the crowd gets, the more she gets excited, and this is shown and expressed in her performance.

This, in turn, then takes the excitement level of the crowd to yet a higher level and the process plays it out again and again. This creates an upward spiral and everybody has a great time. This produces a high likelihood that people in the crowd would tip more than the average amount because they had a great time. Do you see how this all works out? So you need to step away from conventional definitions of what is attractive and you might want to distance yourself from your built-in biases regarding physical appearance. Focus on the performer’s personality and attitude instead.

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