3 Signs of Bogus Online Hookup Site Ads

How many times have you seen ads for an online hookup? Chances are, even if you’re not looking at porn or dating sites or online strip shows, an online hookup ad has snagged your eye from time to time. You are not alone.

You have to understand that online hookup websites are all over the place. They make a lot of money and that’s why their ads are also all over the place. They’re like the digital equivalent of herpes. You think you’ve gotten over it and you’ve got traumatized because you almost ate out a chick with herpes and you’re trying to delete that memory from your mind, and there it is again. It keeps coming back over and over again like a bad fucking nightmare.

Well, you just have to get over it because these ads are not going anywhere any time soon. While I can be lazy and just install an ad blocker, there are many other websites out there that I do like to patronize. When I’m reading, for example, an awesome site on foreign exchange, I’d love to “tip” the person who slaved over that content and put together the website by clicking on a few ads.

It doesn’t really cost me anything, but I know that that Adsense revenue can go a long way in helping that person put food on the table. Do you see where I’m coming from? So how do we navigate this sticky situation? Well, just look for the 3 signs of bogus claims in online hookup site ads. This way, you are always in control and instead of running away from these ads, you are able to spot the fakes quickly and naturally.

First, steer clear of websites that overemphasize the word “free.” There’s no such thing as “free.” Seriously. If somebody comes to me and says “I’m going to give you a free lunch,” I’ll tell the guy, “suck my fucking dick.” Free does exist but you have to search for it hard and long.. Or you can take my tip and use the free online hookup site called https://www.hookuponline.net/