5 rules to date Orlando escort

Dating an escort is not something that you get to do often considering their line of work. In fact, most men just meet escorts, get the pleasures they want and go. There are no strings attached when dating as an escort as you might end up hurting yourself. Escorts date as many men as they want and still feel OK with it. This will not be the same case when looking to date an escort for the sake of getting the pleasures. There are basic rules whenever dating an Orlando escorts if you don’t want any hard feelings afterwards.

Rules when dating an Orlando escort

Rule one: No falling in love

It sounds fun to date somebody without falling in love. Well, these are the Orlando escorts and not just any woman on the street. They are good at what they do but always keep it professional Most of their contacts with you are likely to end once your time is over and as they move to the next client. Avoid falling in love as this will be a one sided relationship where the other party keeps it professional. Just get the services you seek and move. She might start to avoid you the moment she thinks you’re falling in love with her. The Orlando escorts have no problem with repeat clients but let your feeling not come out.

Rule two: Pay as agreed

The best way to get the best from your escort is to pay as agreed and even tip her well if you consider yourself a gentleman. It is important to pay her in advance to keep any worries on her side away so that she can spend time with you without any fear.

Rule three: Never call her a sex worker

Most of Orlando escorts get offended by men who consider them sex objects. In fact, don’t even call her an escort but partner instead. Know her name early enough and call by it. Escorts of Orlando value themselves and will not open up to you if you call them names like hooker, prostitutes or strippers. They value their work and do it without any fear. Just pretend you have no issues with their line of work and you will get a great experience.

Rule four: Ask her before doing anything to her

It is worth noting escorts are not hired for sex as prostitutes but for their company. Don’t just rush touching her boobs or other parts of her body without her consent. You must be in agreement with her before doing anything with her.

Rule five: Be honest

Most men miss out on the experience they seek by not being honest with their escorts. Remember there is nothing wrong with asking any request. You are paying her and she will be more than glad to offer it to you. Just be honest and you will be surprised how well they warm up to you.